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L'équipe: À propos

“Toutes Les Couleurs“ is a vegan restaurant in the center of Lyon.

It was the first all organic and vegetarian restaurant in, for afterward becoming full vegan. We had the pleasure to meet the former owner Agnès and Herbert last year and to take up the torch of their work in december 2019.  

We try to put our values as a color panel and wear them proud.



First of all : The alimentation. We want an healthy, organic, and ethic food.

With a maximum of local and seasonal products.With this restaurant we want to show and manifest values of hospitality, pleasure, mutual assistance and solidarity.

Going into the vegetal world, playing with its forms,

with the classics dishes in France and around the world,

reinventing and respecting all beings in earth… A real treat !

You, us, together, we are the heart of this project.

To see you coming into our joyful place and bringing your energy

is making us try to create a delightful world.


Do you have any project ? Do you just want to ask or speak about something? Or do you want to bring an initiative as agreed with our values?

Contact us clicking this button down there.

Looking forward to meet you !

Hope to meet you

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